of Contents
  • 1 Course 101:
    The Three Pillars Of Motorcycle Safety 4
  • 2 Course 201:
    Five Types Of Gear You Need When You Ride 9
  • 3 Course 301:
    Training Is The Journey, Not The Destination 17
  • 4 Course 401:
    Attitude Over Ego 22

Thanks for taking the time to check out our motorcycle safety guidebook. We did this work because we love to ride and deeply appreciate the importance of riding safely and being properly prepared out on the road.

This guidebook covers a lot of ground. We wanted to provide instructive and useful information, and, offer an expansive view on motorcycle safety that incorporates more than just checklists. It’s the result of consultation with industry veterans, trainers, riding buddies and is our small contribution to keeping people riding safely on two wheels for a lifetime.

Jay Clark
EarPeace Founder