Primavera Sound

¨For all of us here at Primavera Sound, it was a pleasure collaborating with EarPeace. Their customized high-fidelity earplugs were very popular among the public, improved their experience, and helped to avoid hearing damage during the concerts in both editions of Primavera Sound in Spain and Portugal. We hope to continue working with EarPeace as the official provider of quality earplugs in future editions of our festival."

Alfonso Lanza
Co-Director de Primavera Sound.

Rough Trade

If your coming to one of our loud in-store events or going to a festival, don't damage your ears. You will hear and feel better when you use EarPeace. They enhance any loud experience where you need discretely lower the volume. The pack contains 3 ear plugs, 2 filter sets (high & medium protection) and a premium aluminum case with two chambers

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Ringing Endorsement for EarPeace

If you’re a die-hard concert attendee — the kind of guy or gal who likes to stand right up next to the speakers and groove your little heart out from support band to encore — you should probably invest in a good pair of earplugs. My suggestion? EarPeace’s nifty reusable pair.

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USA Today PopCandy

I'm a little sleepy this morning because last night I went to the big Arcade Fire show at Madison Square Garden. It was bliss ... and, on sort of a related note, I now highly recommend these earplugs [linked to EarPeace.com]. (You feel like you're sticking little mushrooms in your ears, but they're incredibly effective.)

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EarPeace Be With You!

What makes EarPeace different from other earplugs is they’re designed to allow a specific amount of unobstructed sound. This delivers a high-fidelity experience–you don’t lose the high end. Sound is crisp and clear. You can even hear your friends at a show, and you end your night without ringing ears.

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Peace be upon you!

If your favourite place to hit the floor is next to a bass-bin, or if you wanna shhhush up ‘n’ dance, you might want to consider sticking these trendy plugs in your shell-likes. Mainly because hearing protection matters, tinnitus ain’t cool and these reusable ‘hypo-allergenic silicone’ EarPeaces are hardly noticeable due to their flesh coloured tones.

They may not have all the ‘bells ‘n’ whistles’ of those mega-expensive made-to-measure jobbies, but if they save you from ringing as a result of music distortion during a session then they’ve gorra be worth a look.

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New Hearing Protection Offers Safety and Fidelity

"It’s a huge improvement when you can still really hear the music, understand your friends speaking, and leave a venue without your ears ringing,” said Jay Clark, founder of EarPeace. “People don’t use traditional hearing protection for three main reasons: it compromises sound quality, it’s uncomfortable, and it doesn’t look good. We believe we can fundamentally change the way people care for their hearing by addressing those issues.”

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